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Save Whatsapp Status to Phone Gallery Simple Steps

Save Whatsapp Status to Phone Gallery Simple Steps

How to Save Whatsapp Status to Phone Gallery – welcome to welytech tutorial hub. We will be discussing How to how to save what status image. Many have tried to save others whatsapp status but couldn’t work. Have seen a picture that you like on someone status wondering of a way to save the picture. Don’t worry this tutorial will break the gab and you will learn How to Save Whatsapp Status  to Phone Gallery at ease.

Let’s get started

Simple Steps to Save Whatsapp Status to Phone Gallery

See methods below. This tutorial cover two methods, choose one that suits you.

Requirements to Save Whatsapp Status Image

1. Whatsapp installed
2. Status saver download link

Step 1

Install status saver app from playstore

Step 2

Open whatsapp app and view the status in which you intend to save. Make sure the status download completly

Step 3

Open status saver app select status you want to save and click save

Step 4

Open you gallery to see saved status. 

Save Whatsapp Status Image Method 2

If the first method is hard for you follow the process below: -

Or alternative 

Download this app that allows you to save whatsapp status images by one click on your mobile. 

Note that you can still use same method for to save whatsapp status image on iphone, blackberry, android phones and others mobile.

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