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Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes – USSD Codes For Subscription

Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes
Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes

Dear reader am happy to have you again in my blog am gald. In this article I will be give you code for Ghana MTN Subscription codes. This article is for Ghanaians, these codes will help you opt for any of MTN date bundle. Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes – USSD Codes For Subscriptioncool down and read.

Let’s get started…

Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes For internet Bundles

MTN Ghana Monthly Internet Bundles
1.     300MB goes for 10GHc valid for 30 days  -  *138*1*2#
2.     1GB data for 20GHc valid for 30 days (all days/night - 30 days) - *138*1*3#
3.     2.5GB for 40GH₵ (30 days) - *138*1*3#
4.     4GB for 60GH₵ 
5.     6GB for 80GH₵ 
6.     10GB for 120GH₵
7.     18GB 200GH₵
8.     20GB for 240GH₵
9.     25GB for 300GH₵
10.                        30GB for 360GH₵
11.                        32GB for 400GH₵
12.                        35GB for 420GH₵
13.                        40GB for 480Gh₵
14.                        50GB for 600GH₵
15.                        100GB for 800GH₵

Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes - Weekly Bundle

MTN Ghana Weekly Mobile internet packages:
  • 1GH¢ 27MB (7 days) - *138*1*2# 

  • 2GH¢ 60MB7 (24/7, 7days) -*138*1*2#
  • 3GH¢ 180MB 7 days - *138*1*2#
  • 5GH¢ 300MB - *138*1*2#
  • 10GH¢ 1,000MB valid for 7 days - *138*1*2#

Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes – Daily Internet Package

MTN Ghana Daily Internet Packages:
  • 052GH¢0.520MB - 1*138*1*1#
  • 1GH¢ 50MB - 1*138*1*1#
  • 2GH¢ 120MB - 1*138*1*1#

IDD Bundle Packages

This package allows you to call USA, India, China, Canada, UK Fixed land-line - to access these options simple dial *138*3# and pick the first option which, then you would see Gh¢2, Gh5¢, and Ghç10 IDD bundles.

For France, Germany, Spain dial *138*3# now you to select the second option for Gh¢2, Gh¢5, and Gh¢10 bundles.

How To  Check IDD Bundle Balance

 To check your (International Direct Dialing simply dial *138*3*9# from your phone.

Hello, hope the article is helpful, please if you have any question concerning Ghana MTN Data Bundle Codes ask I will attend to it.

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