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Steps To Reduce Fat In The Body | Easy Steps To Reduce Body Fat

If your have a lot fat in the body, wondering how to reduce fat in the body. The following are easy steps to reduce fact in the body.But losing weight doesn’t just help you live longer – it also helps you get more enjoyment out of your longer life. Multiple studies have shown that losing weight increases your mood and positivity, makes food taste better, improves your libido and sex life, helps your brain fire on all cylinders and reduces expenditure on unhealthy habits.

              Easy Steps To Reduce Body Fat

   Set enough kip.

“Seven to eight hours is the target,” says fitness model and PT Alex Crockford. “When your body is at rest is when your muscles grow and recover after exercise.” If you’re training like a demon but sleeping like a nocturnal ’90s raver you’ll burn out and end up packing on the pounds.

 Eat more. 

Yes, you read that right. The key, though, is what to load up on. “Add two fistfuls of green veg to every meal,” says Precision Nutrition's Brian St-Pierre. They're nutrient-dense but low on calories - so they'll fill you up without being fattening, and keep you healthy. 

  drink a glass of water with every meal

 It'll keep your body hydrated and full, and keep your metabolism online. Soft drinks? Out.

 Enjoy eating out.

Don't be the man ordering steamed chicken breast – as long as you're getting a decent hit of protein and green veg, the steak and spinach is fine. Just leave the frites for cheat day.  

Get stronger

 Not everyone's first priority, but lifting more weight will make any workout more intense. By adding 1.5kg worth of muscle to your body you have the potential to burn 1,050 extra calories a week, according to a study by the University of Michigan. Aim to progress in big, compound lifts like the power clean and squat, and every workout becomes a fat-burner.

Get a taste for spicier food

Capsaicin, the compound that gives chilli peppers their heat, will also play merry havoc your metabolism. Add paprika to your home-made burgers – you, uh, do make them from scratch, right? – and turn them into a fat-burning feast.

   Drink milk

There is some evidence that calcium deficiency could slow metabolism. Research has shown that consuming calcium through dairy foods like low fat yoghurt or

 Increase your vitamin D levels

 This doesn’t include sitting in the sun for hours on end. Vitamin D absorbed from food is essential for the preservation of muscle tissue. You can get 90% of your recommended daily intake from a 100g piece of salmon. So eat plenty of fish, eggs, milk and cereals to get your intake up.

Get your fibre on.

Research has shown that some fibre can fire up your fat burning by as much as 30%. These studies have found that those who are consuming the most amount of fibre are gaining less weight over a period of time. It’s best to aim for around 25g per day – start by adding wholegrains to your diet.

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